Born in Tehran in 1977 with a degree in Graphic design, Farhad Babaei, known as a writer whose books never been published in Iran, started writing short stories in the late 90s. Being acquainted with Karnameh Monthly Magazine, a literary magazine of Iran in 2003, he attended its Literary Workshops for which he got the chance to read his stories to other writers and accordingly seeking literature more seriously.

His first book, a collection of 13 short stories entitled, “Her Lover Israel” was published in 2006. It’s about communication between lower middle class troubled couples in a strange situation and fantasy atmosphere.

In 2007, he wrote his first long story, “Nowruz”, revealing horrible secrets of the inner world of people. The story has never been permitted to publish in Iran because of censorship.

He wrote his first novel, “Tower”, in 2009; a daunting, suspicious novel about a young couple who enter a residential tower for a simple occurrence and involve in unexpected events. This novel was also banned to be published.

In 2010, Farhad Babaei completed writing a story entitled, “Jamming”, about Iran-Iraq war in which he remembers his childhood memories of the war and his family and friends who were killed in that time. The story was first ready to be published, but then, it was completely banned.

“Demon land” was another short novel completed in 2011. It’s about a group of children whose teachers did not give up their rights and involved in a protest movement which led them to be imprisoned.

In 2014, he completed “Disintegration”, a book about religious and sex of Iranian people. In this book, he reflects the contradictions between the religious beliefs of the people and their behaviors. It’s about lies and hypocrisy of some religious people and how they deceive people in religious affairs to make a profit. No publisher accepted it for print.

He wrote a social satire novel, “Mr. Shapour Grayeli’s Family” in 2015 about an Iranian family who is in severe financial difficulties. It finally was succeeded to be published and reached the second edition. The literary critics also showed a good reaction and wrote some good reviews on this book.

In 2017, he completed a new collection of 10 short stories entitled, “Nima quality”. He didn’t give it to any publisher. “The Condition of Bahram for Nahid” and “Graffiti” are also two more unpublished novels written by him.

Between the years 2005 and 2011, Farhad Babaei worked for Bon-Gah publication office in Tehran as an editor and graphic designer. He was also the editor of some books written by acclaimed sculptor, Parviz Tanavoli between the years 2008 and 2011.

In the last few years, he was able to give three of his novels (Jamming, Tower, and Disintegration) to an English-Persian publisher in London, H&S Media. Despite many imposed censorships on his books, Farhad Babaei has not yet accepted censorship and prefers to publish his novels and stories uncensored.



Photo: Hamid Janipour